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Date:          July 8th, 2016


Time:          4:30 am 

Wind:         Flat, ENE 23KTS

Location:    Bacardi/ Texas Tower

Lure:          Lures/ballyhoo

Fish:          2






Headed out early on Rand's boat the Aunt B only to be greeted by a wall of fog 10 miles out. For the next 40 miles my eyes were fixed on the radar screen.  We arrived the the Bacardi area just as the fog began to lift. At this point it was hot and humid. Unbeknownst to us the weather forecast had changed for the worse.


Among flat conditions we quickly put a 40-50 pound BFT in the box. I happened to be on the rod for that one. The tuna ate a purple "green machine." As we continued to pound the area the clear sunny skies gave way to clouds and some wind.


We had two more knock downs, both on skirted ballyhoo, then we were able to come tight on another 40-50 Pound BFT. This time John was on the rod. The tuna ate a green machine spreader bar. After untangling a few lines we began to troll again.


It quickly got ugly. We knew we were going to be in for a long trip home, we just didn't realize how long. Winds just kept building and so did the seas. I can't stress this enough. Rand did a great job driving the boat. For five hours we got pounded on. You could only imagine how happy we were to get inside the inlet.


I would never plan a trip knowing that those conditions were predicted. The most important thing that I have learned over the last few years is never go offshore if any type of east wind is predictied.


A lot of vodka and tuna will be consumed on Saturday.




I do realize that only 2 fish were caught but there are three pictures of us holding tuna. John and I happened to be on the rods for the 2 fish we landed. I added Rand's picture to bust his nuts....LOL, sorry Rand I had to do it. 















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