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Offshore 7/8/2022


Once again I jumped aboard the Three Privateers. We headed right back to the same area. Roughly 12 miles SW of the Coimbra.  JP, Chris and I broke the inlet around 3:30. The inlet was rough. The ride out was brutal. Three different times we took a wave that rocked my spine. I thought I was going to start spitting up blood.  Three hours later we are about 7 miles short of our numbers when I asked JP to stop the boat. I needed a break and I need to try and reach someone on the radio. Just as I'm about to grab the mic I look to the west and I see a ton of birds and dolphins. JP bumps the throttle a little and I fire off a cast. Pop, pop, boom I'm in!  What a great way to start the day. A few minutes later a 53" BFT is on the deck. We tried to keep popping but the Shearwaters (birds) were insane. So we decided to get up on the troll. It didn't take long before Chris was hooked up with a nice 51" YFT.  Within the first hour we had iced up a nice YFT and BFT.


the amount of life out there was truly insane. It was so insane that we actually trolled up 3 Shearwaters. You couldn't avoid them. All of the birds were released. Happy to report they immediately took to the air. As the wind dropped out we were able to put another YFT in the box.


Instead of writing about how the day ended I'm just going to suggest you watch the first video. Make sure you turn up the volume. Its kid friendly, no cursing. 


Once again JP thank you for the invite.  I can't wait to do it again.


The other Video is from my green light at the dock. So much bait!











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