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Date:  June 10,2014


Tide:          outgoing

Time:         5:30 am

Weather:   winds sw @ 5-10knts,


General Location: Patchogue Bay/ Moriches


Bait/Lure:   Swim Shad/Gulp/Spearing/Squid

Fish:           Bass(1)/Fluke(30)(

Largest::     22"



Comments: Overall a good day on the water, despite the light rain, fog and wind. I made a quick stop at the honey hole and picked up a small bass. After that I was off to fish Moriches(east of me). I fished an area called the Narrows(buoy 6,7 and 8). I ended up keeping 2 fish while throwing back about 30 others. It was a great feeling knowing that my homemade whole squid rig caught the biggest fish of the day.



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