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Date:          June 11th, 2016


Time:          6:00   

Wind:         Calm, 15-20kts S

Location:    FI Reef

Lure:          Squid/spearing/diamond jigs

Fish:          50 fluke, 20 BSB, 1 blackfish






Called off the shark trip due to the forecast. So Tony, Joe, Gina and I hit the reef. We had action from the first drop. Once again there is no shortage of BSB. We were also able to find plenty of fluke action. 


Before things got real nasty Joe put 2 keepers in the box and Gina added another. Overall a really good morning.


Joe was high hook for the day.


Take a look at the screen shot. That is squid along the bottom. To comfirm just reel your line up slowly and you will be able to see a few squid follow it up.










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