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June 12th, 2019




When you watch the video keep your eye on the background blitzes. Those aren't white caps, those are tons of tuna feeding. I wish I would have just filmed and not fished...that is what I call wishful thinking. Not a chance in hell.


Arrived at the Coimbra at 6am to an all out feed. Tuna, dolphins and whales inhaling sand eels. We only managed to get one in the boat. I lost 6 fish. They either spit the hook or I got cut off. It wasn't their teeth that would cut us off, it was other tuna and dolphin that would hit the line and chafe us off. With all of that tension it doesn't take a whole lot to snap the line. Roger also lost several fish. All of the fish that we hooked up with were on a RonZ. The only fish that we landed was caught on a Madd Mantis Popper.


After about a half hour the fish continued to feed however no one in the fleet was able to hook up any more. Very frustrating watching tuna airing out and not be able to hook up anymore.


After the feed ended we got up on the troll and lost a fish. That would be the last action we saw. We trolled for 7 hours without a sniff. A bunch of boats hooked up on the troll. Very glad we got this one in.


Thank you Roger for running your boat today.













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