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June 13, 2021



Great day on the water yesterday. Ed and his son JP joined Gina and I for a day of tuna fishing. Ed and JP own a really nice 31 foot Boston Whaler Conquest. They are starting to get into the offshore game. I like to think that they walked off the boat with a lot more knowledge. They had plenty of action as we put 2 in the box and released another 13. The best part of the day was hooking up during nautical dawn and still being able to see the lights from the Radio Tower on shore.  These guys got a good workout. Gina and I each reeled in a fish while JP and ED handled the rest. Most fish hit on Sterling purple/pink chaos trackers. Tuna would be on the surface for only a few seconds so we weren't able to jig and pop. I stayed west of the 40 boat fleet and had the place all to myself. The boat is re-fueled and I can't wait for the next run. 

I refuse to fish with lazy people. I work my ass off trying to find fish. If you fish with me I expect you to work just as hard. No doubt I would fish with JP and Ed again. They busted their butts today! 

Ed and Gina's photos are the same fish. 








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