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Date:          June 13th, 2015


Time:          7:00 am

Wind:          Windy as HELL!!


Location:    Moriches Bay


Bait/Lure:   Squid/Spearing


Fish:          10 fluke

Largest::    19"







I will quickly sum  up yesterday's fluke tournament for sucked. We only caught 10 fish. Gina caught the only keeper. No need to go to the weigh in, we didn't stand a chance. The wind wouldn't let up. When I got home I looked up the buoy that is in the middle of the bay to see just how hard the wind was blowing. 17 kts with gusts up to 21.7 kts. Those are tough conditions. The water was dirty and the drift was fast. Terrible fluke conditions. It was also too rough to go outside in the ocean. 



On the way home I spotted something odd. As we were cruising home I saw something sticking out of the water. I figured it was a stick until it disappeared. I turned the boat around and couldn't believe what we were looking at. It was a huge sunfish. These things have no business being in the bay.  I hope for the best but the sunfish is going to have a very tough time surviving in the bay.


Make sure you check out the video that I posted. The water in the bay is dirty so I posted a picture of what a sunfish really looks like in clean water. I wish I had the Go-pro!!








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