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With the NE winds today I decide to push off at 9am. We stopped to drop in however before we started trolling  south of the Coimbra I called my buddy Ryan on the radio. I'm glad I did! He gave me numbers to the East where he was on fish.  We were only 5 miles away so we quickly headed over to him. Absolute insanity, whales and dolphins on the feed.  It took us all of 5 minutes to hook up. 12 year old Sean was up first. He gave it everything he had. He got the fish to the boat however his legs started to turn to jelly. We made the decision to have his father take over. I have to be honest Sean did a lot better than his father. It was a disaster trying to get this fish in the boat.  Somehow we managed. Every time we put the spread out we didn't go more than 5 minutes with a fish. Besides our over our two unders were both in the mid-40 inch range. We tried to jig and pop however we didn't hook up. We got there at 11am and we were heading home by 3pm. Every fish hit on Sterling Wide-Trackers. I didn't even bring ballyhoo out with us today. 

Once again..thank you RYAN. That's him in the grey Cape Horn. I rarely ever see another Cape Horn out there. 






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