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Date:  June 15,2014

Happy Father's Day!!!



Tide:          Dead low tide

Time:         5:00 am

Weather:   winds NW @ 15knts,


General Location: Patch River/Blue point


Bait/Lure:   Bass assassins/Swim Shads/ Plugs

Fish:           Weakfish(2)/Bass(1)/Bluefish(endless)

Largest::     32" Bluefish



Comments: I never like to fish on Father's day however, I decided to head out early and stay close to home. I picked up a small bass just as I was about to quit. That one little fish turned into the beginning of a great day. I hung around a little longer in the river and was pumped to find out that there are still some Weakfish around. They hit on back to back casts on a pearl colored Storm Shad that I just put on. After about another half hour I decided to call it a day. About halfway down my canal I got a call from my buddy Bob advising me to head out to the middle of the bay.  All the Bluefish you could handle. They were swimming through the water like torpedoes. They were insanely aggressive. Several would explode at once on the top water plug. The fish were about 6-9lbs.  What a blast on light tackle!


As you can see, it was windy and rough in the bay.


Had to take some pictures with my Iphone, I left the camera at home. My buddy Matt and his daughter brought it out to me. Once they dropped it off they started bailing Bluefish after Bluefish. Great way for him and his daughter to celebrate Father's day..



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