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Date:  June 16,2014



Tide:          Incoming

Time:         5:00 am

Weather:   winds S @ 5knts,


General Location: Moriches/Narrows


Bait/Lure:   Spearing/ Plugs

Fish:           Fluke(25)Bluefish(endless)

Largest::     30" Bluefish



Comments: Great day on the water. My first stop was the Patchogue River.  If you enIarge the picture in the lower left you will see why I'm haiving trouble finding the bass. I'm sure they are eating those Bunker at will. After doing nothing in the river I headed to Moriches. I actually went out into the ocean. It was flat calm with no drift. After catching a bunch of Doggies and Skates I threw in the towel and headed back into the bay. After a lot of shorts I finally got a nice(25") fish.I picked up that Fluke between buoys 7 & 8  If you look at the top right you will see a picture of what I look for while I'm Fluking.  The smallest of dips will hold fish. If 7 hours wasn't long enough I hit up some bluefish before I called it a day..



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