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Date:          June 16th, 2016


Time:          7:00  

Wind:         Calm

Location:    FI reef/ GSB

Lure:          Squid/spearing

Fish:          30 fluke






After sharking the day before I decided to sleep in and push off around 7am. Brrrrrr..just take a look at what Bob is wearing. This is mid-June, not late October!


We started the day in the ocean on the reef. After a few seabass and a couple of fluke we decided to move into the bay. We found an outgoing tide with some warmer water.


We settled into an area near the bridge and we started to pick up fish on every drift. We called it quits about 2 hours later. The same drift produced about 30 fluke with 2 of them being keepers. It pains me to say this but Bob had both keepers..LOL



The weather looks great this weekend. Might try to pick up a few more fluke while I wait for the mahi and tuna to show up.












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