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June 16th, 2018





14 hours, 212 miles and 130 gallons of gas and an empty fishbox. We left the Bacardi at 1:30pm on our way home. We ended up getting back to the dock at 7pm. On the way home we ran into busting tuna. Jake hooked up for about 10 seconds on a jig. I was throwing poppers but I had to stop because the birds were so dense and aggressive that you couldn't throw a popper without hooking a bird. So I put on a green colored RonZ and on the first cast I came tight with a big fish. Steven did a great job driving the boat. Gina and Jake had the gaffs and harpoon ready to go. All I needed to do was get this fish boat side. The longer the fish stays in the water your odds on landing it continue to decrease. Fighting a fish this size on spinning gear is brutal on the back. After an hour the fish shook its head and spit the hook. Total silence. After losing the fish we had a few more chances but we were never able to come tight again. It was time to head home. I cranked the radio and cruised home at 40mph. A great day on the water with a great crew.


In case I haven't said it. I love this boat almost as much as I love Gina..almost.


Too tired to fish Sunday so we spent the day clamming. The water on the other side of the bay was clear and warm.





































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