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Date:          June 17th, 2015


Time:          5 am

Wind:          Windy as HELL!!


Location:    FI/ Ocean


Bait/Lure:   Bunker


Fish:          10 BSB

Largest::    19"




Another windy morning.  Bob, Glenn, and I headed out looking for striped bass. After a long run to the west we turned around and found bunker to the east in front of the light house. It was very tough to snag and drift with the pods. Our baits would just end up on top of the water.  After about an hour of 20kts NE winds we called it quits on striper fishing. We were close to the reef so we decided to see if we could catch some porgies for dinner. All that we found were mountains of big black seabass. Normally that would get me very excited except BSB season doesn't open until July 15th.  As you can see from the two screen shots the BSB are stacked up. I know where I will be on opening day.








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