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June 18th, 2019



First I need to apologize to Brain's wife. I have created a monster. If you wake up at 3am, run through miles of fog, end up soaked from continuous rain and call it a great day, you my friend have tuna fever. The only cure is more tuna.


It was a stressful trip out. Going through the bay down towards Moriches is tough in the fog. I was shocked at how nasty the inlet was when we arrived. We both had our lifevests on. As always safety comes first. 


Once we broke the inlet the fog finally lifted as we got close to the Coimbra. 


We heard on the radio a few boats were into a really good bite. However we couldn't see much with the fog. We finally started marking fish so we pounded the area. At 9:30 we got our number called. Purple widetracker got inhaled. Brain did a great job. It was his first tuna. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He couldn't believe how hard it was to reel his tuna in. After abut 20 minutes the fish was boat side and being hoisted over the gunnel. He was pumped. His first tuna measured 53." That is in the ball park of 100 pounds.


An hour before we were going to pull the plug it was my turn. My tuna hit on a way back Joe Shute. It took a lot of line. My belt was all messed up trying to fit it around Brain's belly. Let's just say he is a little more portly than I am. This fish was kicking my rear. Then it began to pour.  I finally got the fish to the surface and saw it was a big fish. However we already had our over (47" and up) so I had to release the fish. It looked to be in the mid 60" range.  It was time to head home. Two big goofy grins ran home through tons of rain. What a great day.


To my buddies in Woodside..Get busy living, or get busy dying.



















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