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Date:  June 19, 2014



Tide:          Incoming

Time:         10:30 am

Weather:   winds 0-5knts NW


General Location: Buoy 36/Corey Beach


Bait/Lure:   Top Water Plugs

Fish:           Bluefish(1,000,000)

Largest::     33" Bluefish



Comments: Maybe one of my most enjoyable days on the water. The only other boat out there was my buddy Bob. This time I was able to inform him about the hot bite right outside the canal, like he has informed me several times. I think the rain kept most boats tied up. There is an old saying.."the best time to fish is when it's raining and when it's not". If you were out fishing with me for the first time in your life, you would now be addicted to fishing. Watching Bluefish crush surface plugs is awesome. The Bluefish were spitting up Spearing. 


In the top right picture I was able to get a good picture of a Bluefish "tailing".


Below that is a huge school of bunker that were praying that Mr. Bluefish didn't find them.


Might head back out for the evening bite and take "Smalls" with me.


Best part of the day..I used only 2 gallons of gas. I will soon be entering the part of the season when I head deep, burning about 50-70 gallons a trip.


Get busy living or get busy dying.


I love being cheesy.



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