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June 1st, 2018





Woke up at 4am to a wall of fog. Way to dense to go out in. Finally around 10am it began to pour. The rain helped left the fog. I throw on my rain gear and headed out. I stopped at the RMB and missed 2 bass. I then went to the FI reef. Not one fluke however, the seabss that are there are huge. I also had a big school of bass swim under the boat. I actually saw a bass chase up a seabass that I was fighting. I then headed east and found a few pods of bunker. On my second snagged bunker I lost a really nice bass at the boat. I had the feeling that I just missed a good bIte.


The highlight of the day was seeing a mola-mola at the bridge.


Weather looks terrible coming up.






































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