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Date:  June 20,2014


Tide:          outgoing

Time:         7:30 am

Weather:   winds NE-N-NW @ 5-10knts,


General Location: Moriches/Narrows


Bait/Lure:   Spearing/Sea Robin bellyGgulp

Fish:           Fluke(40+)

Largest::     21"



Comments: Great day on the water. Not a cloud to be seen and the Fluke were biting. I took out my buddy Joe who loves fishing as much as I do.  He ended up with 2 nice keepers and I brought 1 home for the dinner table. I do believe Joey caught both of his keepers on Sea Robin belly. All fish were caught between bouy 6-10. 


The picture in the top right are 2 Sea robins. One is hooked and the other wants to get hooked.I have eaten Sea Robin before. The tail portion is a very white flaky meat. Not bad


Normally I head to Fire Island a lot more. However the place is covered in slip gut( just picture long wet hair covering up your bait).





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