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June 20th 2020



We arrived at the Coimbra at 6:30am. We left the Coimbra at 1:00pm. I was thrilled with the weather conditions. I was expecting fog and windy conditions.  What we got was a picture perfect day. We had 12 "unders" in total.  We stayed south of the wreck and avoided what looked like 100 boats around the wreck.  Fishing 4 wide trackers from the rod tips is very easy on the captain. To be honest even with the most seasoned of crew members I would still be fishing them from the rod tips. If you are a newbie fishing from the rod tips just means I'm not placing any of my widetrackers in the outrigger clips. The only thing that I ran from the outriggers were  daisy chains on each long rigger.  Check out the video to see how great the spread looks. Keep in mind I run 9 rods, in the video it's tough to see the way back and you wont be able to see one of the flat line lures as I'm running it subsurface. The young guy on the crew is 12 year old Sean. He is well on his way to being a very good fisherman.  Overall it was a great day on the water.


This day 12 years ago today I convinced Gina to marry me. I can't speak for her but I can tell you it's been the greatest 12 years of my life. Thank you Smalls for saying yes and dealing with my obsession. 







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