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Date:  June 21,2014


Tide:          Incoming

Time:         4:15 am

Weather:   winds E @ 15KTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


General Location: Fire Island Inlet


Bait/Lure:   Diamond Jigs/Poppers

Fish:           BlueFish(10+)

Largest::     30"





While most people were sleeping Steven hooked up with a Thresher Shark, we had a close encounter with a small whale and we buzzed by a pod of dolphins. Not a bad way to start a new adventure in life.


The ocean was a mess. After getting beat up for 2 hours and not finding any Striped Bass I made the decision to head inside and look for some Bluefish just so we wouldn't get skunked. Glad that I was able to find Steve and Brad some fish.


It's tough to complain when you are married to a women who has no problem with you fishing on your anniversay. 6 yrs today for me and Gina.






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