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Offshore 6/21/2022


   What a great way to start our offshore season! I took my crew and we jumped aboard my buddies 31' Boston Whaler Conquest. The man behind the was was JP. You know your in good hands when your captain has recently graduated from Maritime College.

   As we arrived on the tuna grounds we were greeted with some wind and white caps. I was a little worried that we were going to have a tough time trolling. We caught a break. The wind started to slow up to allow for our spread to run without any problems. With the smell of tuna in the air we know it wouldn't take long.  20 minutes into our troll we were hooked up. The first fish of the day was actually a green bonito. 5 minutes after that we had a double hook up. We iced up our 2 unders that we are allowed to take. As the wind dropped out so did all the life. JP made a decision to move. About 6 miles from where we were we found tons of life. After a few more unders and a couple of albies, we got the bite we were looking for. I actually saw the fish blow up the widetracker. I know it was a nice fish. It happened to be my time on the rod. JP did a great job behind the wheel. 45 minutes later Chris leadered the fish and Brain and his son Sean gaffed the 62" fish. High fives all around. At this point we made the decision to start trolling towards home. We gave it another hour. The ocean seemed lifeless so we picked up and headed for the barn.

   JP and I have been on some great trips together. I met him and his father last year. They were part of my fishing school. Its amazing how far he has come in such a short time period. 

Since the day I married Gina she has always been there for me. Even on our anniversary she came down to the dock in Oakdale to help us out.  She knows how exhausted we are. She has a sister but she is married...sorry guys. 

I should know more about me boat next week. Its been a real mess. I'm very grateful to have friends that invite me out fishing. 

We started our day SW of the Coimbra. However the big fish was caught a few miles west of the wreck. 








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