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June 23rd 2020



We arrived at the Coimbra at 6:30am. We were greeted with a dolphin feeding frenzy. We tried to jig and pop however we had nothing to show for it. We quickly got up on the troll and before we had our spread completely out we came tight on an "under".  Before we knew it we were fogged in. We lost sight of the dolphin and for the next several hours we had a slow pick of 8 other "unders". The fog never lifted until we were  half way home in the bay. All fish were caught on Sterling widetrackers. I have yet to catch a tuna on ballyhoo this year!  I just want to wish my buddy Sean a happy 13th birthday.  It says a lot that I allow him to put out the widetrackers. The fog sucked but we had a great time. It was nice having Gina out there with me. I know she hates the fog but she hung in there like a seasoned veteran. 







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