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Date:          June 25th, 2015


Time:          6 am


Wind:          calm


Location:   FI Inlet


Bait/Lure:   Diamond Jigs/squid/spearing


Fish:          10 fluke/ 10 BSB

Largest::           17"/ 18"                






I fished with Bob yesterday. Very disappointing results. We picked up some fluke only to have no drift after an hour. You can't fish the reef without catching a million seabass. Opening day can't get here quick enough. Once the drift killed the bite we tried to fish a few bunker pods for some bass. No good. The pods we hit were void of bass willing to feed. The next few days weather wise looks crappy. It may be a few days before I can get out.'s TUNA TIME!!!!!! Next time I get a flat ocean I'm heading south.


You may read these next few sentences and think I'm nuts but here goes. Do not swim in the ocean near any bunker pods you see. This time of the year there are many sharks inshore. Yesterday in 50 feet of water we had one cruise by us. I also read a report and saw the picture of a guy fluke fishing in 60 feet of water land 2 thresher sharks and had 2 makos swimming around his boat. If you see bait in the water don't be an ass. Stay away.




Screen shot #1 is what I believe to be squid on the bottom.





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