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Date:          June 25th, 2016


Time:          4 pm 

Wind:         E 10kts

Location:    GSB

Lure:          Squid/spearing

Fish:          20 fluke






Hit the bay late on Saturday. It was a great night. We had fluke on every drift while most boats were heading home. I stayed in the same area for the entire trip, re-drifting about every 15 minutes. Caught enough for some fish tacos.


This wind won't let up. So disappointed that we were not able to fish opening day for black seabass. The alarm went off at 4am, I opened the sliding door and heard the ping-ping-pinging of my neighbors'  flag poles. If you don't fish, that sound means it's windy out. Back to bed


Some really cool bait balls captured on the screen.



















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