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June 26th, 2018





Awesome day! We left at 4:30am. First stop was the Coimbra. We didn't see life so we headed towards the Bacardi. Before we reached the Bacardi we came across not one but two huge GREAT WHITE SHARKS. One of them had a tag in it's fin.


We moved away from the sharks and found more life than I have ever seen. Not just a few whales but a huge pod of them. Even on the way home we had to come off plane for safety reasons because of the amount of whales. Their were 100's of dolphins, perhaps a few thousand. There were also endless amounts of birds. As you can see Mr. Tuna was part of the chaos.


We got our number called twice. It just happened to be at the same time. Tony grabbed a rod and so did Steven. Tony's fish came unbuttoned. However Steven did a good job and after about 30 minutes Tony sunk the harpoon into a very fat 62" fish.


Based on BFT weigh charts Steven's fish should weigh about 140. That means that he broke the boat record. He already owns the record from last year. 


These guys are great to fish with. My outrigger got jammed and Tony was able to fix it once we got back to the dock. Steven is an animal when we get back in. The boat looks brand new thanks to his cleaning. 


The first two videos are the first great white. He had a tag in his fin.


Video 3 is a good look at the second great white. There is a lot of foul language, I'm sorry. It was huge. Make sure you watch it in full screen mode.


Viedo 4 shows you how much life was out there.


You can see how much better a 1kw transducer picks up bait and fish. I run a B175M on my Raymarine Axiom Pros











































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