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June 28th, 2019



The video speaks for the day.


15 Year old Justin caught his first tuna ( BFT 100 pounds) and his first marlin (white). It was one of the most memorable days out on the water. By the way, Justin's father Craig also caught a 100 pound fish.  They did it with Sluggos and spinning gear!


I have seen some pretty cool things before but the amount of tuna on top is something I will never forget. 


After we boated Justin's fish and released Craig's we headed for the deep. We got to the Dip and quickly hooked up with 3 rat yellows. The radio told us we were in the wrong spot. We picked up and headed 20 miles to the east. We arrived at Block canyon around noon. We were too late for the bigeye bite. Once again we were covered up with 3 rat yellows.   After that Justin came tight on a white marlin that we released. 


Only bad part of the day was when we docked up and I noticed oil all over my engine. Fingers crossed the mechanic will be here tomorrow morning. 


It is illegal to remove a billfish from the water just to take a photo and then release it. That is why we didn't do it.


The fish that Justin and Craig are holding is the same fish. You are only allowed 1 fish over 47". Knowing that we had to release Craig's fish I didn't want to drag it on board for a photo and possibly kill it.  So I wanted to make sure Craig had a photo of him holding a fish. 


After we boated these fish I got on the radio and told the fleet where the fish were. I hope some of you guys got in on it. 

























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