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Date:  June 29, 2014



Tide:          outgoing

Time:         4:30 am

Weather:   winds 0-5knts S


General Location: East of FI inlet


Bait/Lure:   Live Bunker/Gulp/Spearing

Fish:           Bluefish(1)/Striped Bass(3)/Fluke(5)

Largest::     48" 45lbs



Comments: It very easy fishing. Find a Bunker pod, snag a Bunker and  hang on. Millions of Bunker and what seemed like millions of boats. Gina may have hooked up with a bass the quickest I have ever seen. I truly think it took her 3 seconds after having snagged a Bunker. It's a great day when a boat record falls along with 2 other personal bests. Only took one fish home, still working on Mako meat.


New Boat record Kirk..45LBS Bass


Personal best      Gina 35LBS   Bass

                            Kirk   14LBS  Bluefish   





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