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Offshore 6/29/2022


Once again I jumped aboard the Three Privateers. This time JP's dad Ed and his brother Richard made the trip. We worked the same area (SW of Coimbra) that produced for us last week. Sure enough we found ourselves among plenty of dolphins, whales, birds and a few tuna. When you get a few fish early it takes the pressure off the rest of the day. I truly believe had the seas not gone flat on us, the bite would have continued. I've never done well trolling when the ocean slicks out. It would have been nice if we picked up that over but it was still a great day watching each of them reel in a fish. 


All three fish were caught on the new dial tracker bars trolled close to the stern just outside the prop wash.  Some yellows and a few overs were caught in the area where we were. To be honest things have started off very slow. It's tough to find a temperature break and the water is also on the dirty side. 

***boat update***

If the parts that I need are not back ordered I have a good chance on being back on the water in 2 weeks. 

Thank you to everyone that have thrown invites my way! 










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