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Finally had the weather to head deep. I'm not going to lie it was a grind. At the end of the day we managed to put two decent YFT in the box. However, what made a slow day a great day was the fact that my buddy Brad was on board for his first tuna trip ever. I'm sure he will never forget the first tuna that he caught. My buddy Michael was on the rod for the other one. We fished between the Dip and the Hudson Canyon. Early in the day we came across the mother load of life. However we would end up disappointed as we didn't mark a single fish.

Weather looks promising coming up later this week. 

I plan on getting on the boat tomorrow.  will stay in front of the canal fine tuning my dial trackers, I also need to tighten up my outrigger clips. I wasn't thrilled with how my spread looked out there. 

Both tuna were caught on dial trackers run close to the stern. 










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