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Date:          June 4th, 2016


Time:          8:00   

Wind:         S 5kts

Location:    FI reef

Lure:          Squid/spearing

Fish:          countless BSB/ 12 fluke/ 3 bluefish






Deja vu, just like last June Bob and I hit the FI reef looking for fluke. Once again the fluke were scarce and the BSB were stacked up. These BSB are huge! The two screen shots shows that we were fishing in 46-48' of water..not quite. The BSB were so thick that the sounder thinks that the BSB were the bottom of the ocean. We were actually fishing in 70' of water.


All fish were returned as BSB season has yet to open. The ocean looks a little lumpy this week so I hope to get out at least once and look for some fluke down by Moriches








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