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Inshore Weekly update 6/4/2023


Only got out once in the bay this week. I'm happy to report that there are still some big blues around.



On Friday I decided to go big because of the weekend weather forecast. Here was my game plan...keep going west until I found the bass. Well we found them. All I had to do was go to a different state. There were plenty of bunker from FI inlet all the way west to NJ. However the only place that seemed to be holding bass was just off of Sandy Hook. It's hard to explain just how big these bass were. The bite went on for hours. It was odd that the pods weren't getting "blown up." Once you sent down a bunker and you drifted off the edge of the pod it got inhaled.  I burnt about 90 gallons. It was worth every ounce. Brad and I didn't say much on the ride home. Our smiles spoke for us. 

This week the boat goes in for 100 hour service and all new steering gets put in. It's tuna time!








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