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June 7th, 2018





This weather is a joke. It's June 7th and I'm wearing a wool hat. No I'm not a hipster it was that cold this morning. Bob, Steven and I covered 93 miles. All that we had to show for our effort was 3 small bass. The 3 bass were caught at the RMB on swim shads. We went to the pink hotel which is west of Jones Inlet and went as far as the FI lighthouse to the east. Very few bunker pods.



When I got home I pulled up one of my crab traps that I have at the dock. I have no idea how a fluke that big could fit in the trap. I safely released it.



The other "fuzzy" picture is from my Flir night vision camera. That photo was taken at 10 pm. Its pretty cool how it allows you to see in the dark.








































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