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Date:          June 8th, 2015





Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   Gulp/Spearing/squid


Fish:          7 fluke

Largest::     16"




What a terrible weather week. If the rain wasn't enough the east winds sure were. I had several chances earlier in the week at some bass and I ended up getting skunked. On saturday afternoon me and Gina decided to do some fluke fishing. Gina out-fished me once agian. I thought I had a huge fluke on, however it turned out to be a big skate! The trip wasn't a total disappointment ..the sun actually came out!


The wall of fame is getting harder and harder to get on to.  This week I replaced my old weakfish picture with the bigger one that I caught. Rand and his boat record weakfish replaced Jake Belz, and Bob Shaw replaced one of Justin Malkin's pictures.


As you can see from some of the pictures, the electronics keep on amazing me. I'm finding structure and bait all over the place.




I finally got my outriggers on and rigged up. I figure I'm about 2-3 weeks away from chasing Tuna and Mahi. This warm weather will certainly help.












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