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June 8th 2020

It was a long day. Pushed off at 1am, got to our destination at 4am. The 100 mile run in the dark went as good as it possibly could have gone. The Durabright light that Roger installed on my boat is awesome.  I was able to run from my house to Moriches inlet only coming off plane when we went under the SPB.  Before we had the entire 9 rod spread in the water we had 3 tuna blowup. We came tight with one. It was a rat so we released it. That would be it for the next 3 hours.  We finally boated another small tuna. This one we boxed up. After that I made the decision to move inshore. For the remainder of the day we didn't go more than 20 minutes without hooking up. We were never able to come tight on that one big fish. I certainly can't complain. We ended the day taking 2 fish home and releasing 11 others.  We arrived back at the dock at 7pm, I was in bed by 8:30

We only had 1 tuna hit our Joe Shutes.

All fish that we landed we caught on Sterling Tackle Daisy chains, chaos bars and wide-trackers. 

I have switched over all of my wind-ons and top-shots to Blue Action Tackle.  Doug at BAT will make just about anything you need as far a leaders go. Everything from swordfish leaders to deep drop rigs to planer bridles. His prices are very competitive! Give him a look, you won't be disappointed.









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