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Week ending June 9th 



It seems as if the bass have passed us by. Thankfully the weakfish bite is still going strong. On Saturday Gina and I heading across the bay to just hang out. I was stupid enough to get into the cold water. I had a rod in hand and I started to head towards the shore. I felt as if I was bone fishing in the Bahamas. The water was crystal clear. I saw several bluefish but I wasn't able come tight. So the next morning we headed into the Patchogue River and netted a bunch of bunker. We headed back across the bay and started to live-line our bunker. As you can see from the photo Gina caught a really nice blue.  We had a bunch of fish and we were home by 10am. It's nice to only burn 5 gallons of gas and bend some rods.

Hopefully I'll be able to get offshore a few times next week.


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