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Date:          June 12th, 2015


Time:          7:00 am

Wind:          Calm


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   Pearle storm shad


Fish:          2 striped bass

Largest::    32"






I'm fishing in a fluke tournament tomorrow so I wanted to stay close to home today.  I figured I would give the honey hole one last try. With water temps in the bay hitting 71-72 degrees I didn't expect to find anything. On top of the warm water, I took my time getting to the hole. Your best shot at bass is early in the morning or at night.


On the second cast I had a bass follow my lure back to the boat. Cast after cast came up empty. As you can see I was making some fish but it's tough to entice a bass to hit an artificial with the sun directly above you.


About an hour after seeing the fish I decided to change my lure. I put on a storm shad that was pearl in color. First cast...FISH ON!!! Getting the fish to the boat is the easy part. Trying to net him by yourself is where it gets tricky. After a few runs next to the boat I finally netted him. Nice little keeper. About 20 minutes later I connected again. The fish was a little bigger. I released that one and continued to fish for about another hour with nothing else to show for it. Perhaps I will try again next week.








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