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Date:          May 14th, 2016


Time:          5 am        

Wind:         calm 


Location:    GSB


Lure:         Live bunker


Fish:         1 bluefish   




Started the day looking for some weakfish. We struck out. It was still very early so we decided to stop by a place called Sailors Haven. It was my first time there. Not another soul around. After checking out the beach for blues or bass we decided to head home. After I quickly threw down 2 waffles we were off to do some clamming. It took us a lot longer to get to the clamming grounds because the BIG BLUES have arrived. I'm not kidding...I did not land one bluefish. I lost about 10 of them boatside. The only thing they wanted was bunker. I had trouble getting a snagged bunker back to the boat. In fact it cost me 4 treble hooks. I also lost a bunch of fish due to cheap wire leaders. It was a very frustrating day for the Captain. Besides the little puffy that I caught, I did find some clams...and yes I actually got them in the boat...LOL. The water was very refreshing and clear.


Gina made my favorite with the striped bass that I caught the other day - Piccata! You can find this great dish on our recipe page.



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