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May 14th 2020




I pride myself on honest reports.  Today sucked!


I pushed off at 6am. I caught some bass in the bay on my way to Moriches Inlet. As you can see they were small. Half way between Shinnecock  and Montauk I found more bass. Once again they were small. I didn't go to Montauk to bass fish. I was  looking for fluke. Not only did I not catch a fluke I didn't even get a fluke to bite. I didn't see a fluke come up all day among the 30 boats that I was around.  People think that I'm crazy doing these trips. Just remember "tomorrow is never promised."  I'm  already looking forward to my next adventure.

If you look at the screen shot that the arrow is pointing to you will see a very dense ball of bait. It's spearing. Think about how many spearing must be in that ball to return an image like that. 












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