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Date:          May 16th, 2015


Time:          5:00 am

Wind:         Calm  


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   soft plastics


Fish:          10 Weakfish

Largest::    31"





If you read yesterday's report you know that I wasn't happy about what took place. I went to bed hoping for a down pour. I was going rain or shine. The rain would have kept a lot of people away. As it turns out the morning (5 a.m.) was actually really nice. Sure enough we would eventually be in the middle of 20 boats. Bob and Rand were on time so off we went. It took all of 2 minutes for the first fish to come over the rail. Rand had put us on the board. After several dropped fish I was starting to get frustrated just like yesterday. I dropped down again and finally I was able to keep the fish on. I took my time, I knew it was a big fish. Once the fish got to the surface my heart started to race. Without a doubt it was a new boat record. Rand netted him while I celebrated. The fish weighed in at J and J Bait and Tackle at 7.5lbs. The new boat record was short lived. An hour later Rand caught an 8.5lbs weakfish. How awesome is that! Bob was no slouch, despite his slow start - he landed a few 6lb fish. No blues today but we did have a few sea-robins. I can't wait to get back out there. The new electronics are worth every penny. Several times I would comment to Rand and Bob that we had fish under the boat and sure enough one of us would hook up. The radar shot shows the rain that moved in on us. Oh poured!




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