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Date:          May 19th, 2015


Time:          5:00 am

Wind:         NE  5-10kts  


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   soft plastics


Fish:          1 bluefish

Largest::     14"



I took yesterday off. It was the right decision. The wind blew all day straight out of the east all day. I was behind on my house duties so it was a productive day. I even made Gina Fluke Francaise. It came out great! The weather really got to me today. As I was going down the canal at 5:15am it started to pour. As you can see in the bottom right picture with that much rain, visibility was tough for a little while. After I got through the rain I thought I would have the weakfish grounds to myself. Who else would be out on a rainy Tuesday morning. I should have known better. The radar shot in the bottom left says it all. In that shot, to the far left is land and every thing else is a boat. The outer ring is only set to 1/8 of a mile. That's how tight the grounds were again. As for fishing I had several chances. Missed them all except for a small bluefish. I did see a few weakfish come up on other boats. I ran to my honey hole only to get more frustrated. The top right shot shows a large school of bass under my boat. I don't know why I'm having such trouble hooking up with them this year. As Kenny Rogers said "know when to fold them." So I headed home disappointed. Tomorrow looks windy, but I need to get back out there. That school of bass will haunt me all night.



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