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Date:          May 20th, 2016


Time:          4:30 am        

Wind:         NE 10kts

Location:    All over

Lure:          Squid, Spearing that I netted.

Fish:          9 fluke, 2 searobins, 1 blowfish



We hit some weakfish spots very early in the morning. As you can see we found none. Next we went fluking around the RMB. After an hour, we decided to look for warming water. We headed up the state channel. We found water 5 degrees warming. However that warm water was found a long way from home. We ended up finding a few fish south of LINDENHURST! We found ourselves just to the East of Cedar beach marina.  Once again Gina out fished me. We only had nine fish however 2 of them were keepers. On the way back the bay seemed lifless.


Even though it was warm in the afternoon the morning temps were in mid-40s. As you can see Gina looks like she is bass fishing in late November.





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