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Date:          May 21st, 2015


Time:          5:00 am

Wind:         Calm  


Location:    Patch/Moriches


Bait/Lure:   soft plastics?gulp


Fish:          1 bass/1 bluefish/ 4 fluke/

Largest::        20"/         14" /     16"




It was 48 degrees when I left the dock! I had on an undershirt, 2 longsleeve shirts, a sweatshirt and my very warm Stromr (yes that is spelled correct) jacket. The cold in the spring bothers me alot more than in the fall.

I started the day by getting very lucky. On the way to the fluke grounds I came across a lot of fish breaking the surface. I fired out my favorite lure because I really thought that they were bass. Wrong! 3 seconds after hitting the water a big blue snapped my line. There goes my lure. As I'm cursing at myself the bluefish comes back to the top of the water and shakes his head and spits out my lure. Luckily the lure floats and I went over and got it back. I should have gone home after that because the rest of the day was very uneventful. I caught a couple of small fluke and small bluefish. On my way home I decided that I would stop by the honey hole and as you can see I caught another small bass. I'm not sure when I will get back out there. It's about to get real windy.


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