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Date:          May 22nd, 2015


Time:          5:00 am

Wind:         NW 5-10 kts  


Location:    Patch Bay


Bait/Lure:   soft plastics


Fish:          1 bass

Largest::        20"




It felt like a forced a trip today. I knew the wind was going to start today and blow until Monday, so Brad and I headed out. Brad was the only one to hook up. By the time we went to look for the bluefish the bay had started to get nasty. I don't expect to fish again until Monday morning. I'm actually hoping to get in the water over the weekend and dig up some fresh clams. 


I often look at the start of this year as a bit of disappointment. I base it on how many big bass that I have seen compared to how many we have caught. However I just looked back at last year's reports. I didn't catch my second bass until May 27th 2014. We still have 5 days to go and we have caught 19 bass already. Things are only going to get better. Great screen shot showing a bass hovering over his next meal.


Finally got around to cleaning the boat!



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