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May 22nd 2020


Today was a tale of two different trips. In the morning I headed out to look for those inshore blue fin tuna. I pulled the plug by 9:30. I didn't see a tuna nor did I hear of anyone hooking up. Plan B get back in the bay and look for bass and blues. We just missed the bite on both.  The first half of the day was a bust.


The second half of the day was awesome!  It kicked off my wife's 40th birthday weekend celebration. She knew that I was bummed at how the morning went so she was excited to get on the boat later in the day and help me find some fish. Before we headed out we had an early dinner. I had two very large lobsters delivered today. They were big enough to make some lobster rolls for lunch tomorrow. Just look at the size of the claw!  We jumped on the boat at 5:30 and found some big blues. All fish were caught on a Cotton Cordell pencil popper. Yes that is a tiara on Gina's head. I don't know how I did it but I convinced an angel to be my wife. 





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