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Date:          May 23rd, 2016


Time:          4:15 am        

Wind:         Calm

Location:    River

Lure:          Pencil Popper

Fish:          1 striped bass



We hit it early today. The full moon made the run in the dark stress free. Brad landed one bass. I had two chances but failed to execute on both. After I dropped Brad off Gina, who turned 36 today, jumped on board. Once again we went looking for weakfish. Once again we couldn't find them. We then turned our attention to fluke. We didn't want to make the run up the state channel so we hung around the bridge. I hate to type this but, we didn't even get a bite. That has never happened to us while fluke fishing. I don't know about the rest of you but the FI area seems void of life.






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