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Date:          May 26th, 2015


Time:          9:00 am

Wind:         SW 15  


Location:    Patch River


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad


Fish:          1 bass

Largest::        24"




Woke up to some wind so I decided to take the day off, so I thought. Around 9am I had to choose between dusting or going out in the wind. As you can see I choose to get blasted by the wind. I hate dusting! Once again I caught a bass. I marked several others but once again I was only able to land one. As you can see a boat crashed into the jetty the other night. Boating at night is tough enough, add alchohol and it becomes very dangerous. The screen is a picture of the bass under the boat once he was released. Made some lightly fried fluke tonight. Yum.







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