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May 26th 2020

Part 1...


I called off my tuna trip. I wanted nothing to do with the fog. I expect the fog to roll back in this evening around 6pm and stay until sometime tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully  we still have big blues in the bay. I went out with Brain and his son Sean. They had a blast this morning throwing top water plugs. They are turning into fishing maniacs. All fish were caught on Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers.  Brian had the big fish of the morning. 14LBS! Congrats on Brain for making the wall. 


Part 2...

Roger swung by at 1pm and off to the bluefish grounds we went. Roger and I have a great time when we are together. As you can see we found a bunch. It was cool standing on Rogers forward seats. I was pointing out the blues as they came within casting distance. The afternoon weather was perhaps they nicest I have ever seen on the GSB. 

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