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Date:          May 27th, 2016


Time:          4:00 am, 4 pm   

Wind:         Calm, SW 10kts

Location:    River, Barret Beach

Lure:          Storm shad, diamond Jig

Fish:          1 striped bass, 3 blues






Spent the early morning on the boat. Marked a lot of fish but only landed one little rat.


With Gina working a half day from home we jumped back on the boat and headed to the beach for dinner. I was in paradise. Not one person on the beach. Before the wind kicked up I was able to land three small blues. We were joined by our good friends and neighbors Bob and Pat. You can't beat an evening of surf fishing, friends and fried chicken.


I woke this morning (May 28th) at 4am to wind blowing hard so that I called off our trip. Might do some clamming later.


The bay water is warm 71, the ocean water was a bit nippy.


I hope everyone gets to enjoy their weekend.


My hand is on the mend. A couple of small holes and some bruising is all that is left.






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