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May 28th 2020

Part 1...


Bob and I headed out at 6am. This time we went west looking for some weakfish. As you can see we found a few. Bob made up for his poor performance from yesterday. He out fished me this morning. The highlight of the trip was when Bob held up his first weakfish for a photo. The fish wiggled out of his hand and right back into the water it went.  I'm happy to report that Bob upgraded his ziplock tackle box/bag. The next time I'm out with him I'll snap a photo. On the way home we ran into a small bluefish blitz.  Small meaning the size of the fish.

Part 2...

Brad and I pushed off at  2pm. I got back to the dock at 8pm. The six hours in between  were spent catching bluefish, fluke and lots of weakfish. When the fish were under the boat we used the "shrimp" from Light Tackle Customs. When we were no longer over them we grabbed rods that had 1/4-1/2oz jigheads with a Zman on the other end.  The largest fluke was 21".  While we were there the sun almost came out.  We got rained on a few different times. Its amazing how you don't care about the weather if you are catching. 

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