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May 30th, 2017




Tide:           outgoing   

Time:          5:30pm

Weather:     winds SE 10-15kts


General Location: Sayville-Blue point


Bait/Lure:    Bunker

Fish:            Bluefish 

Largest::      14lbs



Ran out this evening for a couple of hours. Bob and I had a tough night. I killed my back throwing the cast net way to many times. The boat was beyond filthy. Of course on my last throw I had trouble get the net in the boat with the amount of bunker that was in it. That's what I was looking for on my first throw.


Bob had a rough evening because he had to keep re-rigging. I did also but not as much. These blues only wanted bunker. Live ones out fished chunks. These were big boys. The largest went 14.2 lbs on the scale.















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