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Date:          May 7th, 2015


Time:          5:30 am

Wind:         Flat calm


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   Top water plugs/swim shads


Fish:          4 Bass/ unlimited Blues

Largest::    31" Blue fish








We hit the river for a few short bass. It seemed that the bite was turning on until a barge came down the canal and shut everything down. As we were heading out into the bay my buddy Joe called me. He informed me that he was in the same place as the other day. We arrived to a school of bunker getting hammered. After about an hour any place that you looked you saw bunker being harassed. Nothing beats blues or bass on top water plugs. After a little while things took a very bad turn. I mentioned to Brad earlier that treble hooks are a bad idea when you are fishing for blues. Sure enough I heard a really bad sound. Brad was down on one knee with blood everywhere. I went over to assist however the hook was in too deep to remove it. I turned the engines on and started to head in to bring Brad to the hospital. Here is were it got strange. A boat pulled up next to us. The guy in the boat happens to read Fishgaak. I quickly told him I couldn't speak because Brad had a hook in his finger. He lifted his leg to show me that he had a treble hook in his leg. I'm not kidding!! He asked for a cutter which I did not have so off he went. As I was about to pull into the canal Brad ripped the hook out of his finger.  He looked at me and said he was good to go, so I turned the boat around and we went back to fishing. A half hour later I caught the SOB using a treble hook again. I thought I loved to fish but Brad may have me beat.  To add insult to injury after a million blue fish I'm the one who caught a keeper bass. Better luck next time Brad...LOL







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